Boost your coffee with the satisfying crunch of real chocolate chips in Big Train’s Java Blended Ice Coffee Mix! We source the highest-quality ingredients to create this rich-tasting mix. Our chocolaty blend refreshes and invigorates with real Arabica coffee,semisweet chocolate chips and a heavenly dose of rich cocoa. And our silky base delivers smooth, consistent texture. Our decadent chocolaty mix is sure to please coffee lovers in search of gourmet taste. Enjoy this delicious Java Chip drink mix on its own. Or customize with add-ins like flavored syrups or a dollop of whipped cream. Our Java Chip Blended Ice Coffee mix is full of sweet chocolate flavor and contains no hydrogenated oils or trans fats. Kosher-Dairy certified.


Big Train Blended Ice Coffee-Java Chip, Case of 5 ct./3.5 lbs. ea.

SKU: BT0901
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