Invigorate your senses and enjoy the sweet vanilla indulgence of Big Train’s classic vanilla latte mix – without added sugar! Big Train’s No Sugar Added (NSA) Vanilla Latte Blended Ice Coffee Mix is perfect for coffee lovers who like it sweet but are watching their sugar intake. Our sweet, creamy drink mix refreshes with aromatic, full-bodied Arabica coffee and the exotic yet familiar flavor of Madagascar vanilla bean. And our rich-tasting ice coffee base is sweetened with sugar substitutes and contains nonfat milk for smooth, consistent texture. Hot or iced, our creamy vanilla latte mix is sure to please coffee lovers in search of a decadent drink with gourmet flavor.

Big Train’s versatile blended ice coffee mixes are quick and easy to prepare. For a classic warming drink, mix with hot water. To stay cool, mix with water and pour over ice. Or blend with ice and your choice of water or milk for a creamy frozen treat. Customize with add-ins like sugar-free flavored syrups or a dollop of whipped cream.

Our No Sugar Added Vanilla Latte Blended Ice Coffee Mix is full of rich flavor but is gluten-free and contains no added sugars (not a low-calorie food), hydrogenated oils or trans fats. Kosher-Dairy certified.

Big Train Blended Ice Coffee-No Sugar Added Vanilla Latte, Case of 5 ct./3.5 lbs

SKU: BT0646