Whip up white chocolate indulgence with a caffeinated kick! Fans of silky white chocolate will love Big Train’s White Chocolate Latte Blended Ice Coffee Mix. We source the highest-quality ingredients and carefully blend them to create our irresistiblecaffeinated mix. Our sweet, creamy blend is sure to refresh with aromatic, full-bodied coffee and the mellow flavor of sweet white chocolate. And our silky base delivers smooth, consistent texture with every cup. Enjoy on its own, or customize with a dollop of sweet whipped cream. Our White Chocolate Latte Blended Ice Coffee mix is full of creamy flavor and is not a significant source of trans fats. Kosher-Dairy and Halal certified.


Big Train Blended Ice Coffee - White Chocolate Latte, Case of 5 ct./ 3.5 lbs. ea

SKU: BT0532