Don’t wait in line! Skip the scoop shop and try crowd-pleasing cookies and cream in a cup instead.Bits of chocolate cookies and silky cream are made for each other in Big Train’s Cookies 'N Cream Blended Crème Frappé Mix. A favorite sandwich cookie meets our creamy base for a sippable treat that’s sure to please. Go ahead, grab a straw! For an extra-rich treat, indulge dessert cravings and top with whipped cream and cookie pieces. Whatever you choose, go ahead and get creative!
Our Cookies ‘N Cream Blended Crème Frappé Mix is full of creamy flavor and contains no hydrogenated oils or trans fats. Kosher-Dairy certified.

Big Train Blended Iced Crème Frappe - Cookie N Cream, Case of 5 ct./ 3.5 lbs. ea

SKU: BT0613