COFFEE FREE. At work or on the go, you need fortifying refreshment to sustain and stimulate. Fit Frappé was designed just for you! Fit Frappé is an outrageously delicious cafe-style protein drink perfect for your morning routine, your afternoon pick-me-up or an anytime snack. Our rich-tasting Vanilla Fit Frappé Mix combines vital nutrients with a supercharged protein boost to invigorate and satisfy. We’ve blended Fit Frappé with calcium caseinate, a slow-releasing protein your body can use throughout the day. We’ve loaded up our Vanilla Fit Frappé with 20 grams of protein, and it contains only 130 calories and less than 1 gram of sugar. Any way you mix it up, Fit Frappé delivers an energizing boost when you need it. Our naturally flavored caffeine-free Fit Frappé Vanilla Protein Drink Mix is packed with vitamins, minerals and protein. It’s also gluten-free and contains no added sugars, hydrogenated oils or trans fats to slow you down. Kosher-Dairy certified, and shelf-stable.


Big Train Fit Frappe-Vanilla

SKU: BT0650