Showcase an assortment of Ghirardelli 64 oz. flavoring sauces with this 3 tier rack! This empty flavoring sauce rack is designed to organize inventory and keep 3-64 oz. Ghirardelli bottles all in one convenient place. Each of the 3 separate tiers are easy to reach so that patrons or employees can quickly dispense the flavoring sauce of their choosing. 

This rack has a slim wire frame and a vertical design that optimizes countertop space while presenting your flavoring sauces in clear view. Not only is it an attractive way to present a variety of flavoring sauces, but it also helps keep them looking neat and tidy on your coffee shop counter. Plus, its slanted profile makes it easy to quickly grab and restock flavoring sauce when empty. Bring attention to your premium selection of flavoring sauces, and display this 3 tier rack at your coffee shop, ice cream shop, or cafe! 

Ghirardelli Sauce Rack

SKU: G99184